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How can I register with BioKinetic Europe?

The best and most convenient way to register with us is to register your interest online, call our recruitment team on 028 9081 8385 or send an email to volunteers@biokineticeurope.com. It usually takes around 5 minutes, once registered we can give you details of studies that you are suitable for.

How will I be kept up-to-date with upcoming trials?

We advise all healthy volunteers to contact us every 6 – 8 weeks to keep up to date with our current studies. We cater to a wide range of areas within the pharmaceutical industry and recruit both healthy volunteers and patients with certain medical conditions to participate in studies. If your circumstances change, let us know so we can keep your details relevant and up to date.

Is it safe to enrol in a study?

All studies conducted at BioKinetic Europe are reviewed and approved by a Research Ethics Committee (REC) and the MHRA (UK Regulatory Body) before the study can begin. The REC is an independent body composed of medical and lay professionals who carefully review each trial solely with the safety of a volunteer in mind. The MHRA focus is primarily on the scientific merit of a study. BioKinetic Europe only conducts studies approved by both.

Taking part in a study for the first time?

If you are taking part in a study for the first time you might feel a bit uncertain. Your screening (medical) appointment is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have in relation to the study drug and to gain a better understanding of what is expected of you during your participation in the study. Some things you might want to consider before attending a screening appointment are: What is the purpose of the study? What kinds of tests are involved? Are there any potential side effects? How long will the trial last? How much will I be reimbursed for my time? What kind of preparation should I make for attending my screening? Plan ahead and write down possible questions to ask.

What is an ICF?

An ICF is an Informed Consent Form and records the process of obtaining your consent to take part in the clinical trial. In addition, you will be supplied with detailed trial information (Volunteer Information Sheet) so that your decision to take part is an informed one.

How can I increase my chances of getting a study place?

Every person who fits the criteria for the study and who passes the medical examination, has an equal chance of being offered a study place. You can however increase your chances of passing the medical examination by following the guidelines our recruitment team share with you before coming in for your appointment.

How long will screening last?

In order to allow for the informed consent and the required medical procedures, a screening session normally lasts around 2 hours but this time may increase depending on the procedures required for an individual study. During your screening appointment you will also have the opportunity to look around the clinic and see where you will stay, if an overnight stay is required for the study.

Will I be paid for attending screening?

As a general rule you will not be paid for attending screening, as at this stage your suitability for study participation is being assessed.

What do I need to bring to screening?

You will need to bring the following things to screening with you: ID – photographic ID is required. This must be a passport, driving licence or electoral card. Student IDs, bus passes and senior citizen cards will not be accepted and you will not be allowed to proceed with the medical if your ID is not an approved form. Proof of your national insurance number – such as your national insurance card, a letter from the DHSS, a payslip or P45/60. This is a means of identifying you and to ensure that you are not over volunteering. Doctor’s details – There will be a place on the form for you to provide your doctors contact details including the practice phone number.

Do I need to be registered with a doctor?

Yes, as we generally get in touch with your GP once you have attended screening. This will be to inform them that you may be taking part and to discover if there is anything relevant in your medical history that may affect your ability to take part in a particular study. If you have recently registered with a new GP surgery they may not be in full possession of your medical notes, you should check with them before attending your screening appointment.

How will I spend my time while on a study?

Each study is well thought out to ensure that all study procedures are carried out at precise times. When you are not required for study procedures you will have time to relax. To help you do this we provide WIFI, Sky TV, DVD player, board games, books, magazines and daily newspapers.

What can I bring with me?

You need to bring enough comfortable clothes, towels and toiletries for the duration of your stay. You can also bring books, mobile phones, DVDs, games consoles, iPods/MP3 players and laptops, however this is dependent on the type of study and all electrical equipment must be switched off during clinical procedures.

What can I eat?

For studies that require you to stay in the clinic all food will be provided. At screening you will be provided with a menu. You should carefully review the menu to ensure that you are happy to eat all of the food provided.

How should I dress?

Dress in comfortable clothing, as ECGs are usually a part of study procedures you may want to consider wearing loose fitted tops. Please note that it is usually recommended to bring pyjamas to the clinic to allow the attachment of equipment. Footwear must be worn at all times in the clinic, soft soled shoes are preferable.

Is there parking available?

BioKinetic Europe is in a prime location in the heart of Belfast city centre, therefore we recommend you leave your car at home and use public transport if you are staying overnight. BioKinetic Europe is based just a few minutes’ walk from both Great Victoria Street train station and the Europa bus station. A Metro service to the Greater Belfast Area is also available from the City Hall which is close by. You can find further details on all these services by checking the Translink website. If public transport is not suitable for you there are a number of car parks in the immediate area.

Are visitors permitted?

Visitors are not allowed into the clinic however they may deliver clean clothing, personal care items or books etc. Telephones are available for both incoming and outgoing calls.

How often can I take part in a study?

There is a minimum period of 90 days allowed between finishing one trial and starting another; you can screen for a new study within this timeframe but cannot be dosed. We contact other Clinical Research Organisations and use The Over-volunteering Prevention System (TOPS) to register your details and ensure you have not participated recently. It is important for your own safety that you are open and honest about previous study participation. Failure to disclose recent study participation will mean that you will not be permitted to take part in studies with us.

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