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Study 10117

Age: 40 - 75
Date: 04 September - 30 April 2018
Sex: Male and Female
Payment on Completion: up to £1,200
Smoker/Non-Smoker: Both
Overnight Stays: No
Return Visits: Yes

BioKinetic are currently recruiting for this study to test a new medication for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The study drug being tested is called DS102 and is in development for the treatment of COPD. Current medications, including inhalers and corticosteroids, are effective for some individuals but not all. It is hoped that this capsule medication will help alleviate the symptoms of COPD and increase airflow into the lungs.

Who is suitable for the study?  We are looking for:

  • Male and female volunteers
  • Aged 40-75 years
  • Must have stable COPD and no history of asthma
  • Current or ex-smokers, with a smoking history of at least 10 pack years


What will happen if you take part in this study? The study itself will involve only outpatient visits.

  • You will attend the clinic for an initial screening medical
  • You will attend the clinic for a further 7 outpatient visits over 24 weeks
  • You will take the study medication at home and record it in a diary card
  • You will attend the clinic for a final follow-up visit approx. 4 weeks after your last visit
  • The total participation in the study from the screening visit to the follow-up visit will be up to 28 weeks


What are the study dates?  You must be available for all dates for your group.


 Group 3



Visit 2

Wednesday 15th November

Visit 3

Wednesday 13th December

Visit 4

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Visit 5

Wednesday 7th February

Visit 6

Wednesday 7th March

Visit 7

Wednesday 4th April

Visit 8

Wednesday 2nd May

Visit 9

Wednesday 30th May


Payment for completion of the study

You will receive up to £1,200 (This is to cover your time and any out of pocket expenses.  You should note that any travel expenses incurred will be met by yourself and you will not be paid for attending the screening medical. The amount shown is for completion of the study). Payment will be forwarded to you at the end of the study, when all post-study medical results have been signed off by the study doctor. A member of the recruitment team will be in touch when your payment is ready. We also highly encourage you NOT to rely on this payment as screening does not guarantee a place on the study and payments take 5-10 working days to process upon study completion.


What else you need to know

To make sure that you are suitable for this study you will have to undergo a thorough screening medical, details of which will be discussed with you prior to attending the medical. If you pass the medical you may be invited to participate in the study and your GP will be informed, for your safety we will not be allowed to include you in the study without the consent of your GP.


Any information you give to us will be processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

If you would like to hear more details about the study, and to book a screening medical, please call our recruitment team on 028 9081 8385 and quote ref 10117.


Screening Medicals to determine eligibility for this study will take place on the following dates:


Group 3: Wednesday 25th October or Thursday 26th October (lasting approx. 3 hours)


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