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Modern medicine continues to push back the boundaries of disease prevention and cure. A crucial part of this is the comprehensive clinical trials of drugs and treatments. BioKinetic Europe plays its part in this process by undertaking these trials for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Make a difference. And get paid for it.

BioKinetic Europe has a volunteer database of over 23,000 registered volunteers and conducts carefully controlled and medically supervised trials primarily with people who are healthy and in good medical and physical condition. Occasionally studies are conducted on persons with specific medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Each drug trial is controlled by a scientific panel in London and also at a local Ethical Committee in Northern Ireland. There is a rigorous process of approval and no study is considered before all risk is reduced to a minimum. BioKinetic Europe was recently awarded supplementary accreditation, which means that our skill and expertise in carrying out clinical trials has been recognized by the regulators in London.

Safety of volunteers at BioKinetic Europe is our first priority. All studies conducted at BioKinetic Europe are reviewed and approved by a Research Ethics Committee and the MHRA (Regulatory Authority) before the study can begin.

You will be remunerated for taking part in clinical trials. The fee you receive varies depending on the duration of the trial or the commitment required of you. You may also be remunerated if you recommend a friend who goes on to participate in a clinical trial. Full details of current studies and the referral process are available from our recruitment department on request.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the online application form

  • We match you to a trial that suits you

  • Take part in the research

  • We pay you for your assistance

Upcoming Trials

Study 11515

We are currently recruiting Male Type 2 Diabetics to take part in a new study. The study itself will involve staying in the clinic for two periods of three nights. In between each period of stay you will be required to attend 23 daily outpatient visits. There will also be 3 outpatient visits after your final period of stay. You will also need to attend a screening medical to test your eligibility at the beginning of this study, and a post study physical 14 days after your final visit.

Age 18-65
Sex Male
Date 26 June - 29 August 2017
Payment on completion up to £3,500