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Study 16012            BioKinetic are currently looking for men and women to take part in a study.  The study will involve a two night stay in the clinic on three separate occasions.

Who is suitable for the study?  

  • Healthy males and females
  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Weight 50 – 100 kg
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 18.5 – 30 (We can check this for you)
  • Non-smokers (for at least 12 months)
  • Normal lung function

What will happen if I take part in this investigation?

Participation in this investigation involves;

  • Attending an initial medical appointment known as screening.
  • Staying in our clinic on three occasions for two nights each time.
  • During each stay, taking a combination medication from an inhaler, drinking a charcoal mixture before and after each inhaler use.
  • Attending a post study medical 4-7 days after your last dose of medication on the study.


How much will payment will I receive?

Up to £1500 (This is to cover your time and any out of pocket expenses.  You should note that any travel expenses incurred, will be met by yourself. The amount shown is for completion of the study.)


How long will I have to stay? 

The study involves three periods of stay for two nights each time in our modern Belfast City Centre based clinic.

Group 1:

Monday 18th August 4pm to Wednesday 20th August approx. 10am

Thursday 28th August 4pm to Saturday 30th August approx. 10am

Sunday 7th September 4pm to Tuesday 9th September approx. 10am


Group 2:

Thursday 21st August 4pm to Saturday 23rd August approx. 10am

Sunday 31st August 4pm to Tuesday 2nd September approx. 10am

Wednesday 10th September 4pm to Friday 12th September approx. 10am


Group 3:

Monday 25th August 4pm to Wednesday 27th August approx. 10am

Wednesday 3rd September 4pm to Friday 5th September approx. 10am

Sunday 14th September 4pm to Tuesday 16th September approx. 10am


You must be available to stay on ALL dates for your group. 

What is the drug being tested? 

The drugs contained in the inhaler during the study are formoterol fumarate and fluticasone propionate. These are drugs already available as inhaled treatments for asthma. You will also take a charcoal mixture that has been tested to effectively block the inhaled medicines being absorbed if you should swallow it. This allows the amount absorbed by just the lungs to be tested.

What else should I know? 

To make sure that you are suitable for this study you will have to undergo a thorough medical.  Details of which will be discussed with you prior to attending the medical. If you pass the medical you may be invited to participate in the study. 


If you would like to hear more details about the study, and to book a medical, please call our recruitment team on 028 90 81 83 85 and quote ref 16012

Medicals to determine eligibility for this study will take place on the following dates:

Tuesday 29th July (lasting approx. 2 hours)

Wednesday 30th July (lasting approx. 2 hours)

Friday 1st August (lasting approx. 2 hours)

Monday 4th August (lasting approx. 2 hours)

Tuesday 5th August (lasting approx. 2 hours)

Wednesday 6th August (lasting approx. 2 hours)





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Study 16012            BioKinetic are currently looking for men and women to take part in a study.  The study will involve a two night stay in the clinic on three separate occasions. 


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