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Volunteer Recruitment

At BioKinetic we pride ourselves in the care we take with our volunteers and the management of our volunteer database, because we know that appropriate volunteers mean accurate results. Our database evolves continuously to capture healthy volunteers as well as patient populations.

The BioKinetic team will work collaboratively with Sponsor personnel to clearly define protocol requirements and inclusion/exclusion criteria. As a result, we consistently provide the right participants for trials.

  • Current active database of over 30,000 registered volunteers
  • Large portion of healthy volunteers aged 18 to 80 years
  • Access to special populations through our database e.g. dysmenorrhoea, diabetes, arthritis, post-menopausal women, tubal-ligated women, rheumatoid arthritis
  • A good working relationship with local network of primary care centres and teaching hospitals in Ireland to access patient populations as required
  • Access to a variety of patient populations including rheumatology, asthma, respiratory, cardiology and endocrinology
  • 2 modern, comfortable and well-equipped clinics (40 beds in total)
  • Separate outpatient clinic with screening facilities
  • Clinics have an open floor plan to maximize volunteer monitoring and safety
  • Open-plan recreation and dining areas
  • City centre location for easy access

How does it work?

  • Feasibility & Study Award

  • Regulatory approvals

  • Trial conduct

  • Database lock, review of CSR, study close-out