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"BioKinetic respond to our needs quickly and effectively; they provide excellent scientific opinion and can be relied on to deliver to time and budget."

Swiss Pharma Sponsor

"The team are friendly, professional and motivated, a real pleasure to work with."

US Biotech Sponsor

"BioKinetic have impressed me time and again with their dedicated staff, client focused, straightforward approach to delivering quality studies in a timely manner."

US Pharma Sponsor

"The quality of the data and the source documents is the best I've seen for some time"

Independent Study Monitor

"The final shipment arrived safely with no problems (as always!). Thanks for all your help and excellent communication, as well as the high quality of sample deliveries."

UK Biotech Sponsor

"The BioKinetic team are really efficient. The quality of query responses has been excellent and the team have been very flexible and accommodating."

German Pharma Sponsor

"When we changed the scope they seemed to move heaven and earth to deliver to our original timelines."

French Pharma Sponsor

"They show their true value in responding to issues that arise and mitigating risks before they are realised; they can be relied upon to deliver intelligent, effective solutions."

Danish Pharma Sponsor

"We selected BioKinetic as you exhibited great flexibility in your approach to the study (and particularly scheduling). The team did an amazing job with the device and drug regulatory approvals and interaction with the ethics committee, your project managers are the ultimate in attention to detail and your clinic staff were calm, thorough and very exact."

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