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Our early phase ophthalmology experience includes first-in-man and dose escalation study designs and we have access to a range of patients with ophthalmological conditions. We have the capabilities and expertise to carry out a range of assessments including retinopathy, flourescein angiography and tonometry.

We have invested in highly specialised ophthalmology equipment:  

Heidelberg Spectralis OCT imaging machine

The SPECTRALIS® system is an expandable diagnostic imaging platform which combines scanning laser fundus imaging with high-resolution OCT. This is industry gold standard and can be upgraded to include: Glaucoma Module, Multicolour, Bluepeak, Widefield Imaging Module, Anterior Segment Module, Scanning Laser Angiography and Ultra-Widefield Angiography Module to meet protocol requirements.

The Heidelberg Spectralis OCT imaging machine is particularly good for monitoring general ocular health. It can be used to target at risk patients including diabetic and hyertensive patients. 

Kowa Laser Flare (FM600)

The FM-600 is Kowa’s unique aqueous flare meter that offers a reproducible and reliable guide to ocular inflammation. FM-600 aqueous flare meter (also known as a Laser Flare Meter) enhances the follow up of patients by enabling the in-vivo measurement of aqueous flare in a non-contact, non-invasive and painless manner.

Topcon Specular Microscope

The new Topcon Specular Microscope model SP-1P introduces a fully automatic capture procedure. By simply tapping on the centre of the patient’ s pupil displayed on the monitor, the SP-1P automatically centres, focuses and acquires the endothelial cell image. 



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