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Study 14716

BioKinetic are currently recruiting healthy women aged 18 to 48 years to take part in a research study. The study itself is an outpatient study with one in house stay of two nights after the first 3 weeks of visits to our clinic. If offered a place you will need to attend the clinic daily for the first four days, then twice a week during the outpatient part of this study. There will be 15 outpatient visits in total and the entire duration is 43 days. You will also be required to self-administer the study medication(s) on 27 days of this study. There will also be a screening medical to test your eligibility at the beginning of this study, a study preparation phase (“run-in”) with 3 out-patient visits during 15 days, and a post study physical 12 days after your final visit.

Age 18 - 48
Sex Female
Date 16 January - 19 April 2017
Payment on completion up to £3,450

Study 13016

BioKinetic are currently recruiting healthy volunteers aged 18 to 45 years to take part in a research study. The study will involve attending our clinic for an initial medical screening then, if you are offered a full place, there will be three periods of in-house stay of four nights each time. Depending on the part of the study you are placed on, you may need to attend for a short visit the day after your study check-out in each period.

Age 18 - 45
Sex Male and Female
Date 02 January - 30 April 2017
Payment on completion up to £2,700

“I work in Belfast city centre and was able to fit study visits around my work and family schedule. The company was really accommodating and the whole process couldn't have been smoother.”

Julia, 31

“I took part in a trial at BioKinetic during a brief spell of unemployment. It was great to be paid for my time and have the feel-good factor of contributing to medical research.”

Gareth, 47

“I had some spare time on my hands during university summer holidays and heard a radio ad about clinical trials. At first I was a bit hesitant because it was all new to me but the staff at BioKinetic were really friendly and made me feel totally at ease the whole time I was in the clinic.”

Emma, 19

“I had registered to take part in trials years ago but never found one that was suitable. I decided I had enough free time to make this one work and wanted to doing something rewarding. Definitely plan to do another one soon!”

Neal, 29

“I took early retirement last year and wasn't aware of the great need for clinical trial volunteers in Northern Ireland. The study I took part in was in a therapeutic area that was close to my family's heart. Hopefully in some small way, I've been able to help the brains behind new medicines in their attempt at finding a new treatment.”

Rosemary, 54

“The staff were fantastic! Very professional, very well organised and put everyone at ease”

Barbara, 33

“After finishing uni, my friend told me I should volunteer. The clinic stay was really relaxing and the food was surprisingly good!”

Sean, 24

“The trial fitted in well with my holiday arrangements in work. There was a good area where I was able to catch up on work, use the free wifi and study”

Herbie, 36

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